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As always, beautiful work with the color scheme, connections with their respective films, and blending in each of their personalities i...

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Crack Fiction, or commonly known as Crack Fic - A bizarre fanfiction that is considered to be the easiest fanfiction genre to write but also hardest to write WELL.

Being a fanfic writer AND reader myself, I learned to tell a difference between what type of fanfiction is good and written well and which is not...and godawful. And believe me that took me YEARS, including maturing my own writing. Dear Lord in Heaven, I was such a greenhorn back then... is a well-known fanfic archive site for aspiring writers everywhere, and like some other social sites (or internet in general), it can be a double-edged sword and a  battleground for flame wars and troll breeding.  

Granted I have never read a crack fic before...and read a few in the past and, left no comment. It's an unwritten code that I have in mind, first and foremost is that if a fanfic left you speechless for whatever reason...keep calm, leave no comment, and press the back button. Wash, rinse, repeat.  

But all that changed when my friend, :iconphantomgirl: lend in a story featuring her favorite character that is equal to the Goddamn Batman of DC.

And that is when I realized that I got my very FIRST request.  

...Huh...a request to read AND review a fanfiction...

WELL, there is a first time for everything! :D :iconphantomgirl:, if you're reading this, I'm gonna give it my all! Keep in mind, this is just my own personal opinion about this piece with no bias.  But first things first...a little background on the infamous couple since Bonnie and Clyde, Joker and Harley Quinn.

To those who have read the comics, and even watched the animated series (and some of the films), Joker and Harley is depicted one of the most twisted and most tragic relationships. It is obvious that Joker only loves control, and Harleen is the perfect example. There is a possibility that she is feigning obliviousness and thinks that there is some good in her "puddin" but I think the best examples of how they met and how warped Harleen's thoughts could be Mad Love of Batman: the Animated Series and Joker Blogs, the latter which to show the slow spiral of Harleen's eventual rebirth as Harley Quinn.  

It's still ongoing by the way.  

But despite all that, it did somehow brought out Joker's sweet side...a little. But with Batman, it's bigger than the interior of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Hell, the thought of those two getting it on is like a debate among the Batman Rogue Gallery fans...though the small percentage that rather not know. And further more...wait, hold on a sec, I got something...-pulls out iPhone-

Oh, it's from :iconphantomgirl:...ooh the tumbler page of Bruce Timm, the artist of Batman! ....wait, what?




........Well....that explains the whoopie cushion of the fan-favorite episode Mad Love....

I don't know what to think of it.    

OK! Forget what I said about all the bru-hahaha of this so called "debate" and let's see what happens if you try to cash in on the escapade of the said couple...

This is JxHQ: Snuff

Arkham Asylum...

The stronghold to keep the criminally insane, mostly the best known faces of Batman's gallery of rogues...the most famous is the Joker, who calls it his home.

Escape from the asylum is almost like a regular routine...and it does help to keep the staff and security on their toes at all times.

But what would happen if things are all calm?

James "Jimbo" Davidson had to learn that lesson when he comes across a certain couple in their most compromising position on one evening shift and decides to make it a profit to the internet. Not knowing the consequence that will follow...

This would only end in tears, wish for brainbleach, and laughter

Written by :icontheprincessbee:, when I first read this, I didn't know what to think (mostly in shock)...and after re-reading it the second time, I find it rather clever and while it is horrifying with the snuff bits, it is rather funny. :giggle: Plus the dialogue is a good combination of wit and deadpan snark. I also love how traumatized Robin and Nightwing when they found out, it would take a LOT of therapy sessions with Alfred along with his awesome cookies.

Say what you want about the butler, Alfred's God.

She has the accuracy of the internet down, from the teenaged to up congratulating a criminal for his sexual prowess than condoning the crimes he have committed, the need for sex and violence - even going as far as paying money for it, trolls with butchered English. It was so spot-on, it was almost close to home. And scary.

Joker-level scary O_O

And speaking of Joker...the Clown Prince of Crime himself. God, did that man steal the spotlight! It makes you wonder if Joker is really into it -if you managed to go through the mature scenes - or it's his usual way of finding what will make the audience -both in the story and us- squick. did he find out...?

I mean...although he never lets ANYTHING slip by him, there is always a plan...and in every form of madness...there is a method...

It was like...he knew...HE KNEW that it might happen....and he knew what the public wants... entertainment media is Rome with Hostal and SAW thrown together...and the emperor is Joker....

But that is one of the charms of the Joker that for some odd reason as much as we love to hate him, we somehow can't help but love him as well! And that is disturbing, even by my standards...

However, he does bring in a whole new definition of "fine line between madness and genius" since he kept on crossing over. :) And no one could top THAT.

I also checked out the author's dA gallery as well and my God, Buddha, Man in the Moon, is she good! Her cosplay skills are on expert level!  And it doesn't even hurt that she fits the trope of One of Us, a fan who loves to have fun!

But I have to warn you all that it's not for everyone, as I mentioned before, there is some disturbing scenes featured in the fanfic, aside the sex scenes. And it would take a lot of Fluff fanfics to balance it out.

So, what's my verdict on this? I give this piece 10 Red and Black Harley revved up out of 10.

And by Harley...I mean the motorcycle.


If you're a DC fan who likes black comedy and don't mind the squick moments, this is for you.   Just look for it right here to this link:…

and if you like, you can check out the author's dA gallery to here ---> :icontheprincessbee:
Warrior Nun Reads JxH Snuff
Possibly my very first request review ever made. And I have :iconphantomgirl: to thank for that! :)
(Warning: The following will be over-the-top, overdramatic, terrible Shakespearean Bard-like retelling and most likely overdosed on ham and cheese)

Hey, followers and dArtists! 

Warrior Nun here and back from Emerald City Comic Con! 

Even though it's just for one day, 9 hours to be exact, it's still a lot to take in. 

My good friend, :iconphantomgirl: , and I went on an epic quest across the Puget Sound, trekked our way through the urban woods known as Seattle with fellow nerd pilgrims, two fraternal twin brothers, along way. We have reached our destination, and though we went on our separate ways, we still connect thanks to the power of iPhones. We have made our way through the convention, and I was amazed by what I saw...

Every single panel, tables, filled with merchandise of just the titans of Comic Book Industry but also the Sacred Fandoms including the independents...

There we mingled among our fellow nerds and geeks, scouring for treasures to bring home with us. Some are reasonable, others well, yeah.

The food is...ok. Ish. But left to be desired.

And then at least...we have finally reached the end of our pilgrimage...the sacred Lord Creator of MARVEL and patron deity of Fandom...Stan Lee and Clark Greg!

No words can do them justice.

Alas, Time seemed to be against us, for as soon as we paid our respects to them, we immediately embark our journey home! It was rather confusing and yet frustrating, but we managed to hop on a boat!

And thus that is our journey to the Emerald City. 


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