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Nothing much I can say but enjoy!


GummyBunny ~ My Sleeping Buddy by AlwaysForeverHailey

I love how you use simple colors to make the atmosphere and I love the shading around certain parts. And even though the scene is simpl...

Disney goes fashion.Final by Sashiiko-Anti

As always, beautiful work with the color scheme, connections with their respective films, and blending in each of their personalities i...

Dragons by Sashiiko-Anti

I love how you incorporated both the color scheme AND the style that makes each dragon its unique look. My absolute favorite is the Nig...

Rise of the Guardians by Sashiiko-Anti

I love how you incorporate the designs to each guardian (and yes, I see Pitch as a guardian in a way...) all the way down to the hair s...


The Tourists by WarriorNun
The Tourists
...Listeners, we have special tourists visiting our small desert community tonight. A rather odd yet sweet couple, Spanish accented Old Woman Josie pointed out. Probably from the other side of the Border or something like that. Not in a tasteless racist sort of way, don't misunderstood me. I do find their cuisine and culture fascinating. But what really fascinate me are the unique appearances. Onlookers describe the woman as bone thin, wearing a lovely red dress with flowers, and sporting a rather large but-as the kids around here say- EPIC hat. And also, personality wise, sweet as sugar.

As for the man...well, the closest thing I could get is...someone that was covered in tar or oil, and other stuff that would make you cringe even thinking about it. ...Ugggh...

And he seems older.

But nevertheless, they seemed like the sweetest couple. Just like me and my perfect Carlos. 

I hope they enjoy their stay in Night Vale, especially with the upcoming Halloween event, Night Walker March. 

I wonder if it's not too late to have a double date. They seem like nice people.

And now...the weather.

c/ Cause the world might do me in
It's all right cause I'm with friends
Cause I'm giving up again
It doesn't matter

And I'm feeling like a ghost
And it's what I hate the most
Cause I'm giving up again
And this time (this time, this time)

This time I might just disappear
This time I might just disappear
This time I might just disappear
This time I might just disappear

Try and hear me then I'm done
Cause I might just say this once
Seen this played out in my dream
It doesn't matter

Time for givin' up the ghost
Fuck, it's you I hated the most
And there is no guarantee
It doesn't matter

This time I might just disappear
This time I might just disappear
This time I might just disappear
This time I might just disappear c/


Happy Halloween and feliz Dia de Los Muertos of 2014 everyone! :D

This is not only my first fanart of Welcome to Night Vale but also the Book of Life!

Cecil Palmer of Welcome to Night Vale (c) commonplacebooks
La Muerte and Xibalba (c) Jorge Gutierrez
Today's weather: Ghost by Mystery Skulls


Warrior Nun watches the Book of Life

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 25, 2014, 9:40 PM

In the spirit of the upcoming Halloween this month, I think it would appropriate to dive into another version of All Hallow's Eve in  Mexico...Day of the Dead, Dia de Los Muertos.

Despite the macabre name, it was actually a heartwarming day of family and friends gather to remember those who are no longer among the living, offering food, wine, toys, even memories. Each one hoping one day to reunite in the next life.

The world is made of stories...and all of those stories are located in the Book of Life.

In a small Mexican town of San Angel, on the Day of the Dead, there lived three childhood friends, Manolo, Joaquin, and Maria. Manolo and Joaquin both loved Maria, and  would do anything for her. But unknown to them, they would find themselves having the weight of the world upon their shoulders when two rulers of the afterlife made a wager. Thus creating a fairy tale unlike any other...

Directed by Jorge Gutierrez of El Tigre and produced by the ever so awesome Guillermo del Toro, the Book of Life is a masterpiece when it comes with the art style. The main story was told like it was a puppet show with the joints to the wooden-like texture of the skin, along with Gutierezz's unique art style in certain scenes. Not to mention that it was well balanced when it comes with not only romance, but also action, mythology, folk tale, and also comedy. I think it was rather well-done with some modern references. The songs, both original and popular, is spectacular. My absolute favorite is the Apology Song, it really torn my heart asunder. I was this close to crying. 

The characters are also solid, and most of them are well-rounded and have some unique hidden depths. Manolo while a gifted bullfighter is a skilled musician and singer, and Joaquin is the typical glory hound but all he wanted was to make his friends happy. Maria, she is just awesome. :D

If I have to pick favorites, it would be La Muerte and Xiabalba. Two reasons.

One. They're awesomely designed. La Muerte takes inspiration from the sugar skulls and Calvera Catrina, and it definitely shows. I couldn't help but admire the details on her design, giving off the illusion that she is a walking sugar lady! Or should I say Sugababe? xD She is an Angel with a Sweet Face. And Xiabalba is just awesome, made out of tar and something oily, with wings that would make Sephiroth jealous. Not only that, his face just screams out Discord of MLP: Friendship is Magic. It must be the beard.

Two. Ron Perlman. Nuff said.

Three. They're just so adorable together, I would just die!

...Wait that's three reasons. DERPY DOO~ xP

And I would like to add that the twins are my favorites as well. Let's just leave it at that.

The voice cast was stellar as always. I was surprised that I would hear Zoe Saldana's pipes in this film! Once again, she had nailed the action girl, from space to Mexico :D. And Channing Tatum once again redeemed himself from G.I. Joe films with not only voicing Superman in the Lego Movie but also as the glory hound Joaquin. There are even cameos from the director and the producer as well...and...Grey DeLesile?! Ice Cube the rapper?!?

...And Ron. Fucking. Perlman.


I have to admit, I only have Spanish blood and I learn Dia de Los Muertos back in high school but the thought of paying respects to not only your closest family and friends but also the entire family tree, it was just as heartwarming as Christmas. This film is just...beautiful, and really well thought out. It was amazing that it was supposed to be a DreamWorks film but due to creative differences, it didn't take off. I'm really glad that Reel FX Creative Studios managed to fish this out, otherwise it would be wondering in the Land of the Forgotten. 

I highly recommend anyone to take a gander at this...whether you are an animation fan, of Mexican descent, whatever. This is definitely a story to remember.

I give this film 10 Sugar Skulls out of 10 with 1 Churro.

So, who's up for Taco Tuesday?


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