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Warrior Nun watches Amazing Spider-Man

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 14, 2014, 1:20 AM

Spider-man, Spider-man Does whatever a spider can
Spins a web any size Catches thieves just like flies
Look out, here comes the Spider-man

Is he strong? Listen Bud He's got radioactive blood
Can he swing from a thread ? Take a look overhead
Hey, there! There goes the Spider-man

In the chill of the night At the scene of a crime
Like a streak of light He arrives just in time

Spider-man, Spider-man Friendly neighborhood, Spider-man
Wealth and fame, he ignores Action is his reward
Look out, here comes the Spider-man

Spider-man, Spider-man Friendly neighborhood, Spider-man
Wealth and fame, he ignores Action is his reward
To him, life's a great big bang up Whenever there's a hang up
You'll find the Spider-man!

Personally, I think that Michael Bublé made the best Spider-Man theme song adaptation. :D

Back in 2002-7, we have the Spider-Man trilogy by Sam Raimi, the first Marvel film to launch the franchise that we all know today. Looking back, it is rather goofy in a way, but it's a homage to the Golden Age comics. However, there are some...problems that it faced. And it grew evident in the X-Men series, and the first Hulk film.


But in 2012, it happened.

The Amazing Spider-Man.

At first I thought it would be wangsty teen drama but I was wrong.

And I'm happy for it.

We know the story of Spider-Man, other than the fact that he's the first teenage superhero without a mentor unlike its DC counterpart. Gained superhero powers via bio-engineered spider, used powers for selfish reasons, lost Uncle Ben, and learned the morale of the story: great power comes with great responsibility.

And he's Stan Lee's baby. :)

But this film did some things right where the first trilogy made more than a few mistakes. Making Peter Parker angst all the time is one of them.

Ok, let's get this out of the way...this film focus solely on Peter as he developed the iconic spider abilities in high school. We are introduced with characters like Flash, the jerk jock and...Gwen Stacy? The first Spider-Man love interest before Mary-Jane? Progress! :D

We also meet Uncle Ben and Aunt May, a bit young but it's a nice reference to the Ultimate series. And also Dr. Kurt Conners. We'll get back to him in a minute.

We also get to see Peter get his classic web-shooters, unlike the biological ones that he get on his wrists in the first film. The growth of him getting used to his powers is slow and steady, and that was what I liked about it. In the first trilogy, it seemed kinda rushed and a bit on the cartoony side for my taste. And his greatest superpower by far is his witty snark and quip. While he can angst (at an appropriate time), it is refreshing to take a jab at bad guys to make fools of themselves. My favorite snark moment is the  car thief scene...oh, it will be remembered from years to come. 

I would like to point out that this film also made mention of Peter's parents and elaborated more of their deaths, hinting that they might be tampering with something that they can't involve Peter in and had to leave him in the care of Uncle Ben and Aunt May. And as far as we know, it had something to do with spiders. Hmm...foreshadowing or destiny? You decide!

The relationship between him and Uncle Ben is more meaningful and emotional than the first film, and you can feel the tension between them since Peter started to unearth certain objects left behind his parents, and found out that he didn't know them well as he thought. It didn't help that Uncle Ben seemed to be hiding some things from him but for good reason. It made his death more tragic, not even able to say his last words to his nephew whom he saw as a son that he didn't get the chance to have...

Oh God the waterworks...ok, ok, happy thoughts, happy thoughts. Leaves on the vine, falling so slow...

Oh I made it worse! Next thing! Next thing! ><

The character development of the entire cast is the meat of the film, not just Peter. While some adaptations depict Flash as a jerk whom you wanted to burst his ego, here on Amazing Spider-Man, he actually got more depths than just being a bully. He actually reached out to him and became a better person, what other Spider-Man adaptation does that?! 

And Curt Conners, aka the Lizard, as the starter villain. I've heard from more experienced reviewers, saying that he's a lame villain or something like that. But with a discussion with my friend PhantomGirl, we have to disagree. He's a B grade villain, meaning that he is an extremist with good intentions but made bad choices. Along with the fact that you can't help but sympathize with him and wish for redemption for the poor guy. Not only that, he is connected to Peter through his partnership with his father. If circumstances were different, he would have been Peter's godfather.

And truthfully, there is no perfect villain starter than him.

Most of the Spider-Man action are CGI but they are done beautifully, each pose is like out of the comic book itself. And also...Andrew Garfield...does his own stunts xD

That's right, ladies, he is not only English but he's also a gymnast. And a nerd. Squeal with joy.

The casting choice is stellar as always, and I would like to say that Andrew Garfield EARNED the role of Spider-Man. He made him easy to relate to and he brought out the true spirit of our webslinger perfectly. Emma Stone is wonderful as Gwen Stacy, depicting her not only smart but also tough and resourceful. And imagine my realization that Martin Sheen, the man who played Uncle Ben is actually the voice actor for the Illusive Man of Mass Effect O_O

And I only watch my brother played the games. 

And Sally Field...the woman who played Aunt May...she starred in Forrest Gump!?

...I think my mind just exploded.

I actually heard about the sequel...and I never watched it, but from what I hear, the creators are rushing into this too fast. And the mistakes are shown -_-...

Guh...I think my spider senses hit the roof...this is not good.

Anyway, I get the mixed reviews and criticisms about this film, complaining that this riding on the coattails of the Dark Knight trilogy. But this is the exception, it actually done the source material right. Not only that, it had the Stan Lee approval by Stan the Man himself!

And it earned it with his presence with a cameo! 

It is the greatest honor since having the status of Avatar of Raava, Dragon Rider and Guardian of Childhood!

Besides, this film redeemed Stan Lee's hope since...One More Day. It deserves to suffer a fate worse than Death for betraying Stan Lee with its existence.

So yeah, there are some flaws...but as a certain prophet with a taste of whisky have said while writing out the events of's the flaws that made something beautiful. 

I know it's cheesy but it's the truth. 

So, what's my verdict?

Isn't obvious?

I give this film 8.5 Spider-Man slinging New York in a beautiful acrobat dance out of 10

Nuff said :) 


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