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Warrior Nun watches Big Hero 6

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 8, 2014, 10:14 PM

On top of the world, on top of it all, trying to feel invincible
Dying on top of the world
I remember the nights
Caught up in dreaming my ‘goodbyes’
Watching the door for anything more than an ordinary life
I remember the days
New beginnings on an open ‘page’
With something to prove and nothing to lose, not a soul to betray
Here I am
Living a dream that I can’t hold
Here I am on my own
On top of the world, on top of it all, trying to feel invincible
I’m dying on top of the world

- Top of the World, Greek Fire

Ever feel like that you have so much potential that you wanted to share with the world, but for some or whatever reason, you can't? 

Like, you have drawn out a beautiful picture or a child-like drawing from your imagination, only to be shut down and told that it's not a real profession?

Or excel in science, only to be rejected by those who can't understand?

What about something deeper? Like you lost someone close to you, and no matter how many times that you say that you're ok...and how many times that they tell you that person was never gone, but still here as long as you remember him or sounded like a lie?

Big Hero 6 explores those questions and we got not all but some answers. 

Taking place in the fictional metropolis of San Fransokyo (a combo of San Francisco and Tokyo. JUST..roll and deal with it), Hiro Hamada is a 14-year-old robotic prodigy but spends most of his time hustling and winning illegal bot battles. His brothr, Tadashi, was worried that he was wasting his potential, gave him a tour to his college, meeting his rather colorful friends, Gogo, Honey, Wasabi, and Fred. And also, his creation, Baymax, a personal healthcare robot. Inspired, Hiro applied to the SF Tech with his invention of microbots, powered by neural transmitting headband. Unfortunately, fate wasn't kind to him, a fire broke out in the exhibition hall, killing his brother in the process. As if going on without his only family was hard enough, he had to deal with a masked man known only as Youkai...and he has his microbots. With the help of Baymax and his friends, Hiro had to suit up and find some answers...and perhaps, maybe closure.

Big Hero is the 54th Disney film and also the first MARVEL film. It was based loosely off of the MARVEL comic with the same name, there are some changes had to be made. And of course there would be reactions. In other words, complaining. For starters, it was hated by the same people who hated Frozen for "lack of diversity" directed their hatred towards Honey Lemon, which slowly diminishes to hating for not being Latina enough. Second is the fact is that it's not part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not that I mind. The third is taking out of Tokyo and set it in a fictional city and give the original Japanese characters Race Lift as well feature mixed heritages and at the same time omitted out a couple characters, Silver Samurai and Sunfire, off the team. This more or less compare the change rather unfavorably to the unfortunate live action adaptation of...Last Airbender. Ugh...

I disagree with this. 

I've been told by my dear friend, PhantomGirl, that the reason why people don't like certain adaptations is because it's different, not to mention that it deals with the multiverse theory as well as alternate continuity. I might also add that I never heard of Big Hero 6 until the trailers. And same goes for Guardians of the Galaxy of MCU. And despite not knowing the source materials, they nailed it! And also, this film not only encourages those who love science and wanted to make the world a better place, including art and technology! I'm an artist myself, and a creative writer as well, and I always wanted to share what I have to the world and maybe help someone along the way. Hell, Disney teamed up with XPRIZE, a humanist organization. I would like to add that there are some parts that hit close to home, mainly the relationship between Hiro and Tadashi. I have an older brother myself and there some teasing here and there, but I was told that my relationship with him is that of godhood. And also, I would do anything for him to make sure that he is happy. Plus it was more than just a superhero origin story, it deals with loss and how to cope with it. It shows that keeping all your emotions bottled up without any outlet would lead to self-destruction. 

And that's saying something since HTTYD2.

Well-played move, Disney. Well played.

So to all the naysayers, trolls, haters, doubters, and just plain the words of Peter Quill...aka Star-Lord...I have this to say...




....Oh, sorry, I have no idea how this thing works.

Now with that out of the way, let's get serious! :D

In short, this film is amazing, beyond belief, beautiful even! I never felt this way since Frozen, Rise of the Guardians, HTTYD2, I was overwhelmed with emotions! It was well balanced in emotions, and I have to admit, I have cried a few times at certain scenes. The imagery and scenary are spectacular, showing the blend of eastern and western elements while at the same time paying homage to certain anime themes, like magical girl, kaiju, robots, all the good stuff. Not only that, it was more mature than it lets on. It deals with coping loss and the disadvantage of keeping your emotions bottled up, asking some serious and heavy questions. And true to the creator, Stan Lee, it held the philosophy of great power and great responsibility. 

And speaking of Stan Lee...he has a cameo~


Stan Lee~

Great Power~

Great Responsibility~

Stan Lee~

He invented fucking Spider-Man~

And parkour~

Maybe maybe not, but deal with it anyway~

Stan Lee~

But I digress. 

The characters are well-rounded, and I love each and everyone of them. Baymax is just adorable, I just want a plushie of him! Hiro and Tadashi's interaction are both heartwarming and adorable, and they stuck with each other since their parents died and their personalities are compatible. Plus, Hiro is like the 14-year-old Peter Parker and  Tony Stark expy, minus the spider powers and more emphasis on robots. Wait...robots...the Tony Stark Snark...Peter Parker Sweet Wit...OMG! HIRO IS A PETER STARK CLONE! I love the catchphrase of Gogo's "Woman Up", I'm so gonna use that :D And I have to admit, Fred held a special place in my heart, next to Jack Frost and Hiccup.

The voice acting cast are solid, nuff said. But TJ Miller stood out the most, and I couldn't help but picture what if scenario where Tuffnut is a (CENSORED IN CASE YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE FILM YET, IN THE MEAN TIME PLEASE WATCH BAYMAX PETTING A KITTY, CALLING IT A HAIRY BABY)

That would have been awesome!

The soundtrack is amazing, I fell in love with Immortals of Fall Out Boy, best superhero theme song if I say so myself. 

So, what else is there to say? It's awesome! I can't wait for the bluray release of this! So, if you love Marvel and/or anime, this film is for you.

I give this film 11 Baymaxs out of 10!

...Yeah, you heard me. DON'T YOU KNOW ABOUT SCIENCE!?


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